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2020 Celebrations: 
                                           "2020 Vision For The Future"

'Celebration' is the term used by CWU to Describe ecumenical Worship Experiences.

  May Friendship Day, World Community Day, and the Human Rights Celebration are
 produced and promoted ann
ually by the National Ecumenical Celebrations Committee

leaders' guideMay 1, 2020 -  "Agree To Differ"                                               

 MAY FRIENDSHIP DAY (MFD), dates back to May, 1933,
when two independent groups planned luncheons to focus
on “Child Health” and “Children of Migrant Families.”
The first event was sponsored by the Women’s Council
for Home Missions in New York City, and the second one,
called “Dedication Day,”
was sponsored by the National
Council of Federated Church Women.

Under a variety of names, this event continued and expanded
until 1939, when they merged under the National Council of Church Women,
which called for an annual observance “to strengthen a growing sense of unity,
the joy of Christian fellowship, and the power of Christianity in the day of need.”

The offering remains with the Local Unit, with a portion often sent to the Virginia State Unit for support.

November 6, 2020 -  "Resolve To Love"   

WORLD COMMUNITY DAY (WCD), began in 1943 from discussions at a meeting
 of denominational presidents and executive secretaries asking that a day be set
aside in the fall for the study of peace b
y church women. 

The offering is sent to the national office of CWU for support of the movement.                                                           


Human Rights Celebration -  2020 -"Unite To Serve"

HUMAN RIGHTS CELEBRATION (HRC) was first instituted in 2006 as a means for
local units to celebrate the cause of Human Rights.  The heart of the Celebration
involves the presentation of the Church Women United Human Rights Award to
local individual(s) who have worked for the cause of human rights in a profound way. 

The Celebration is held at any time during the year.

The offering is sent to the national office of CWU for support of the movement.


Church Women United in Virginia | 2020