was born  October 23, 1934 in Amsterdam, NY.  She currently lives in Virginia Beach with her husband, Jim.  She married James Latham on May 13, 1961.  Dottie has three grown children, Steve, Patrick and Laurie, and four grandchildren.  Through her husband's career, she has held leadership roles in Navy Wives' groups and social groups.  Dottie is a very committed and loyal person and reaches out to help bring all persons in her world together under the love of Christ.  She shows her true faith in Christ this way.  Dottie has been a member of Holy Spirit Catholic Church since 1975, and a member of Church Women United for 38 years.  As a member of Holy Sprit she is a committed leader.  In 1999, Dottie was appointed to represent Holy Spirit as Parish Ecumenical Representative.  In 2001 she founded the ecumenical group, CUMLEGO, in Virginia Beach.  In 2015, Dottie turned the reins over as facilitator.  The group changed the name to Christian Ecumenical Network, where she still serves.
Dottie served as Church Women United, Virginia Beach Unit, as President from 2004 thru 2008.  She served on the CWU State Board, from 2010 until December 31, 2018.  She is still active on the CWU Virginia Beach Unit board.  Dottie has been committed to growing the ecumenical connection among all Christians.  She gets things done and sets high expectations for those who serve with her.  She is a truly deserving woman to be nominated for the Valiant Woman Award.

sandra simms

was born in the beloved City of Richmond, Virginia.  She was educated in the Richmond Public School System and is a graduate of the historic Maggie L. Walker High School.  She attended the Smith-Madden Business School because of her interest in accounting.  However, changing careers, she was transitioned into the library, where she managed the Acquisition, Circulation and Interlibrary Loan Area in an industry library.  Sandra received the American Management Association Certificate, a diploma in Library Media Technology from J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.  She also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Mary Baldwin College.  Afterwards, she attended Virginia State University Graduate School.

As a member of Second Baptist Church, she loves serving God and participating in organizations involving Missions and the children.  During the 52 years with the Commonwealth Girl Scout Council, she has served as a Troop Leader, Board Member and National Delegate.  She started the Christian Education Program in 1986 at her church.  She is also active with the Golden Years group, serving as Financial Secretary.

In Missions, Sandra has served as the Missionary Society Chairperson and Missionary Circle President.  She was an honoree of the Baptist General Convention in 2016.  In the American Baptist Church (ABSCOTS) she served many roles in the Women's Division.  She was Vice Moderator in Area 2, Virginia.  On the Regional level, she was Chaplin for the women. Sandra went to Russia as Team Leader with a delegation of special librarians on behalf of the Eisenhower People to People Ambassadors Program.  In 2005, she supported the EF Educational European Tour to Spain, England and France by accompanying high school students on their foreign experiences.

Sandra was  blessed with many wonderful years of marriage to the late Deacon Walter E. Simms, Sr.  She has two sons, Walter and Rodney and a daughter-in-law.  She's the proud grandmother of four grandchildren.  With the sudden death of a brother, the Lord blessed her with an additional family that needed attention; adding to her family two more sons and his daughter to help support.

Sandra has served as President of CWU in Richmond for four years, and is now the Chairperson of the Eastern/Central Area for CWU in Virginia.

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