The Church Women United Logo

logoThe Church Women United logo — our “signature” and trademark— appears in red and gold, with an exploding sun at the center, moving out in the shape of a cross. Those rays suggest dynamic force, vitality, and life, as from the sun, our source of light–and from the Son of God, our source of enlightenment. They also indicate movement, action, power–as His people return to the Source for strength and then move out into the world. The rays show texture and richness, symbolizing the qualities church women can contribute to the new world. Texture has to do with the way constituent part are woven together. So it is that in CWU we unite from diverse backgrounds in a way that provides body and fullness for our witness in a pluralistic, changing society. The logo was first introduced at the Wichita Assembly in 1971.

Courtesy of Glen Brook Council CWU, Illinois

Church Women United in Virginia |  2023