Participation in CWU is open to all Christian women who believe in the purpose of CWU IN VIRGINIA and support the movement.

The State organization serves 7 local units in four areas by providing leadership training, helping units achieve their objectives, and connecting units to State, Regional and National levels.   CWU in Virginia is managed by an executive board.

All local unit presidents are members of the Leaders' Council which meets at least bi-annually to hear the report of the Executive Board.  Representatives of state-wide church women's groups, related to Church Women United, are part of the Leaders' Council. 

The Executive Board calls a State Assembly for all Church women every two years.  The assembly is open for anyone who wishes to attend.

The Virginia Church Woman, the newsletter of Church Women United in Virginia, is published quarterly.  Send your name and address for a free subscription, to:

        Church Women United in VA
        Editor, Virginia Church Woman
Susan M Allen

Church Women United in Virginia | 2023