Giving Opportunities      Agreed to Differ, Resolved to Love, United to Serve

Church groups and individuals give gifts, through annual contributions to their local CWU Unit.  These funds are used toward the budget of the local unit.

Valiant Women Awards are given to honor women who have given outstanding service to the unit, her church and community.  She may not be an actual leader, but is always someone who leads by example.  A Valiant Woman is a woman who lives the Gospel message in her every day life.

Young Church Women United Awards recognize the valuable contributions our young sisters in Christ have made to the field of ecumenism, and those young sisters who are working in different vineyards of church, school, community, business, etc.

Human Rights Award is an award that recognizes individuals who have been working in the field of human rights in our community.  It is not necessarily someone in the public eye, but a person who has consistently demonstrated a high regard for the dignity of others.

The Key Woman Award recognizes key women within the community.  

Tribute Gifts are suggested as a way to honor - or remember - a friend or loved one by furthering the work of Church Women United through a gift. Valiant Women, and Tribute Gifts go into the Fund for the Future. Gift Certificate contributions go into the operating budget to support ongoing national programs.

Gift Certificates benefit the life and mission of CWU. Purchasing a certificate means making a gift to the national unit of CWU,  to help the movement to continue to reach out to women all over the United States in its ministries and mission.  To contribute to Church Women United, Inc. use this link to donate:

Church Women United in Virginia 2023