Agreed to Differ, Resolved to Love, United to Serve

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Church Women United   ---  Mid-Atlantic Region

             district of columbia          maryland           pennsylvania                  virginia

                  District of Columbia                 Maryland                        Pennsylvania                         Virginia

State Units are organized into geographic groups known as Regions.

The Regional Coordinator enhances the work of the national movement by supporting national officers, other board members, executive staff and state units.  Regional Coordinators provide timely follow-up and liaison support to reinforce the program services, processes, action and advocacy of the National Movement. 

The Regional Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Region is, Rev. Frances M. DuBose, Charleston, West Virginia, ; 
The Regional Coordinator:

  Teasurer:  Leila Kendrick,

The state units are represented by each state president: You may contact your CWU State President by email:

President:  Janet Vernon,  Greater Washington, D. C. ,
Acting President:  Gertrude Dailey, Severn, Maryland,
President:  Suzanne Landis, Biglerville, PA,
President:  Susan Allen,  Henrico, VA

west virginiaDelaware and West Virginia are no longer active State Units


Church Women United  2023